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Learn About EOSIO

LatamLink offers tools for projects in Latin America to explore the benefits of the EOSIO blockchain technology.

Test your dApps

LatamLink includes a local environment to build and test decentralized applications (dApps).

Test your infrastructure

LatamLink enables developers and organizations a solid platform to test blockchain infrastructure.

Why Choose LatamLink?

Explorar EOSIO

1. It allows you to explore EOSIO

EOSIO is an open-source blockchain technology that enables greater flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency, which is ideal for enterprise and social impact solutions. Read more about EOSIO here.

Explorar EOSIO

2. We are part of the LACChain initiative

LACChain is an initiative of IDB Lab to foster the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America. It builds alliances with leading companies in the blockchain field and integrates major blockchain technologies into its LACChain network. For more information about LACChain, visit this link.

Explorar EOSIO

3. It offers an integral solution

LatamLink deploys a public permissioned version of EOSIO technology for Latin America. We include some features such as a local development and testing environment, a monitor service, and adaptability to API endpoints, wallets, and other tools. Check the full list below..


These are some tools and resources LatamLink offers to help you leverage your decentralized app or blockchain infrastructure.