Network security and Performance

Work in Progress

We are still working on this aspect of the network. Please refer to the Project Roadmap.

It is essential to know the limits of the infrastructure from cybersecurity and performance perspective.

LatamLink plans to make cybersecurity analysis and evaluations in the infrastructure. As well as make coordinate stress tests.

Transactions per seconds (TPS)

Depending on the use, EOSIO has the capability of 10,000 transactions per second approximately using EOSIO v2.0.

Contracts examples to test the performance

Quantum safe cryptography

BID has an interest in beginning to explore how to go-ahead towards one new quantum-secure blockchain technology generation. There is an interest in testing the quantum capabilities of the LAC-Chain network to make it quantum-computers secure.

This topic is addressed in this IADB publication

LatamLink will explore the way to generate certificates following the verifiable credentials standard VC to all nodes in the network which will have as an authentication mechanism one public-private key pairs generated with a quantum-secure algorithm.

In order to:

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