Network monitoring

Work in Progress

We are still working on this aspect of the network. Please refer to the Project Roadmap.

Monitoring what is happening on the network is essential to improve it and measure the social impact of our solutions. The main objective of the monitoring tools is to produce decentralized and reliable information about each node and the activity of the network.

On-Chain monitoring

There is a collection of smart contracts and utilities for EOSIO that can be used in LatamLink.

The metrics are generated by smart contracts located under the eosmechanics account. They are executed during the schedule of each block producer and records the execution times using the cpu_usage_us field included in all network transactions. The data will be publicly available for analysis and we encourage you to do so to help identify problems and improve the performance of validator nodes.

Examples of tools that use this data:

CPU Benchmark

This CPU speed metric uses the CPU time consumed by calculating the Mersenne prime numbers as a benchmark. Prime number calculation is an industry standard for measuring CPU performance and uses code operations that are common in software development.

RAM Benchmark

This metric consists of quickly writing and reading to a RAM table and in a very similar way to the CPU metric it tries to measure the performance of the resources offered by the different validator nodes.

Monitoring Contracts examples:

Cloud monitoring

Take advantage of the existing cloud monitoring services.

  • Prometheus
  • Grafana

Additionally, we will explore Blockchain Analytics tools and Data Science.

Entity node Information

Please see page on entity and node information.

Network Monitor

We propose to create a native network monitor to achieve this objective.

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