Work in Progress

We are still working on this aspect of the network. Please refer to the Project Roadmap.

LACChain is designed to be technology-agnostic. We aim to integrate several blockchain protocols used in LACChain.

The interoperability between distinct blockchain protocols could be achieved in two ways:

Trusted Peers: This modality is simpler to implement. It uses a trust layer to determine what occurs on each chain.

Trustless: It is a more challenging solution, specially between different consensus protocols such as POW -> DPOS.

Ethereum Interoperability -> EOSIO

Ethereum Interoperability <-> EOSIO

EVM on EOSIO announced a smart contract challenge, offering a prize of 200,000 dollars to the winner:

"In this challenge, the participants should create an EOSIO Smart Contract that can store and invoke EVM (Solidity) Smart Contracts in a virtual environment similar to the Ethereum one", is detailed in one announcement of February 3rd in EOSIO DevPost.

Existent EVM Solutions on EOSIO:

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