Getting Started

Before you begin

At first, is recommendable have installed the software EOSIO developed by to create actions with the EOS protocol following the command brew tap eosio/eosio y brew install eosio. This software it's made up of:

  • cleos: is the command line tool that connects with the API exposed by nodeos and functions to manage the wallet, account, keys, transactions and Smart Contracts.
  • nodeos: functions as the central daemon that manages EOSIO's net and could be configured as node to produce blocks.
  • keosd: functions as wallet to manage the keys for EOSIO.


Additionally, we recommend install Contract Development Toolkit (CDT) beforehand, that can be installed using brew tap eosio.cdt command and followed by brew install eosio.cdt to access to the resources created by the contracts.

Get your private keys

More information about private keys

Agile accounts creator

Portal to create accounts and public keys with just one click.

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