Entity and Node Information

This is a proposed JSON Standard for Entity and Node Information which LAC-Chain partners are required to publish and stored on the system contract tables. This Standard is based off the BP JSON standard utilized in the EOS mainnet.

It allows node operators to publicly advertise their ownership of a LAC-Chain account and share information about themselves.

Think of a WHOIS for LAC-Chain accounts that are verified by a blockchain signature. All of these fields require a single sign-on that authenticates via blockchain and therefore cannot be wrong. Only the BP with the correct key can edit these fields using the user interface.


The current revision v0.1.0 is compliant with the JSON schema Draft 2019-09

Setting Entity Information

Executing this action requires the authorization of the authorized account or the permissioning committee.

eosio::action setentinfo(entity, info)

entitynameName of the node asociated to the entity
infostringJSON for entity info

it will insert or update a record in the entity table located in the eosio system contracts.

Entity JSON Structure

  • org: {Object}
    • candidate_name: Organization name
    • organization_id: Government Issued Organization ID
    • technical_contact: Person Name
    • business_contact: Person Name
    • website: Organization website
    • code_of_conduct: Full URL to page
    • ownership_disclosure: Full URL to page
    • email: Contact email
    • github_user: Operational github username (or array or usernames)
    • chain_resources: [Array] - List related resources on LAC Chain
    • other_resources: [Array] - List of other relevant URLs
    • branding: {Object} - Logo images
      • logo_256: Entire url to image 256x256px
      • logo_1024: Entire url to image 1024x1024px
      • logo_svg: Entire url to image svg
    • location: {Object} - Organization location
      • name: Location in human readable format [City, State]
      • country: Country code [XX] in accordance to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
      • latitude: Latitude in decimal degrees
      • longitude: Longitude in decimal degrees },
    • social: {Object} - NOT THE ENTIRE URL, only usernames on social networks,
      • keybase: Username
      • telegram: Username or group
      • twitter: Username
      • github: Username
      • youtube: Channel address
      • facebook: Page/group address
      • hive: Username without @
      • reddit: Username
      • wechat: Username

Entity JSON Example

on-chain entity info
"organization_name": "EOS Costa Rica",
"organization_id": "3-101-123456",
"technical_contact": "Asia Trejo",
"business_contact": "Kris Peralta",
"email": "[email protected]",
"website": "https://eoscostarica.io",
"code_of_conduct": "https://eoscostarica.io/en/transparency/#code_of_conduct",
"ownership_disclosure": "https://eoscostarica.io/en/transparency/#ownership_disclosure",
"github_user": "eoscostarica",
"chain_resources": ["https://dashboard.latamlink.io"],
"other_resources": ["https://guias.eoscostarica.io", "https://guides.eoscostarica.io"],
"branding": {
"logo_256": "https://eoscostarica.io/assets/eos-CostaRica-256x256.png",
"logo_1024": "https://eoscostarica.io/assets/eos-CostaRica-1024x1024.png",
"logo_svg": "https://eoscostarica.io/assets/eos-CostaRica-vectors.svg"
"location": {
"name": "San Jose",
"country": "CR",
"latitude": 9.936377,
"longitude": -84.078155
"social": {
"hive": "eos-costarica",
"twitter": "EOSCostaRica",
"youtube": "channel/UCvYinCH3O1iKpi-_dNfQAGQ",
"facebook": "costaricaeos",
"github": "eoscostarica",
"reddit": "eoscostarica",
"keybase": "eoscostarica",
"telegram": "eoscr",
"wechat": ""

Setting Node Information

eosio::action setnodeinfo(node, info)

Executing this action requires the authorization of the authorized account or the permissioning committee.

nodenameName given to the node registered under the entity
infostringJSON according to node type

Node JSON Structure

Expected node info varies depending on node_type: validator / boot / writer / observer

  • node: {Object}
    • nodetype_keys: {Object} - Public Keys required for each node type.
      • peer_keys : [Array] ["EOS..."]
      • account_key : "EOS..." (required for writer node)
    • nodetype_endpoints: {Object} - HTTP and P2P endpoints required for each node type.
      • p2p_endpoint: EOSIO P2P endpoint host:port
      • api_endpoint: EOSIO HTTP endpoint http://host:port
      • ssl_endpoint: EOSIO HTTPS endpoint https://host:port
    • nodetype_location: Node location
      • name: Node location in human readable format [City, State]
      • country: Node country code [XX]
      • latitude: Node latitude in decimal degrees
      • longitude: Node longitude in decimal degrees
    • nodetype_features: [Array]
      • features supported by the api_endpoint or ssl_endpoint on writer or observer nodes, refer to the list of features

Validator Node Example

on-chain validator node info
"peer_keys": ["EOS..."]
"validator_p2p_out": "lacchain.eosio.cr:9876",
"validator_p2p_bidir": "lacchain.eosio.cr:9876"
"validator_location": {
"name": "San Jose",
"country": "CR",
"latitude": 9.936377,
"longitude": -84.078155

Boot Node Example

on-chain boot node info
"peer_keys": ["EOS..."]
"boot_p2p_out": "",
"boot_p2p_bidir": "lacchain.eosio.cr:9876",
"boot_location": {
"name": "San Jose",
"country": "CR",
"latitude": 9.936377,
"longitude": -84.078155

Writer Node Example

on-chain writer node info
"peer_keys": ["EOS..."],
"account_key": "EOS..."
"writer_api": "http://lacchain.eosio.cr",
"writer_ssl": "https://lacchain.eosio.cr",
"writer_p2p": "lacchain.eosio.cr:9876"
"writer_location": {
"name": "San Jose",
"country": "CR",
"latitude": 9.936377,
"longitude": -84.078155
"writer_features": ["chain-api", "account-query", "dfuse"]

Observer Node Example

on-chain observer node info
"peer_keys": ["EOS..."]
"observer_api": "http://lacchain.eosio.cr",
"observer_ssl": "https://lacchain.eosio.cr",
"observer_p2p": "lacchain.eosio.cr:9876"
"observer_location": {
"name": "San Jose",
"country": "CR",
"latitude": 9.936377,
"longitude": -84.078155
"observer_features": ["chain-api", "snapshot-api"]

Writer / Observer Node Features

For query type nodes one or more features from the list below must be added:

  • chain-api: basic eosio::chain_api_plugin (/v1/chain/*)
  • account-query: (/v1/chain/get_accounts_by_authorizers)
  • history-v1: (/v1/history/*)
  • hyperion-v2: (/v2/*)
  • dfuse
  • snapshot-api

Useful Links

To access the user interface to update data, select the "Update Node Info" option in the Network Monitor.

Validate your JSON inputs here: https://www.jsonschemavalidator.net/

Implementation Roadmap

Phase I

Self-generated list of all validator nodes extracted from the blockchain.

  • Node account name
  • Type of node entity
  • Node public key
  • Location code (ISO 3166-1 numeric)

Voluntary information provided by each entity

  • Legal name
  • Identification number
  • Technical contact name
  • Business contact name
  • Address
  • Website
  • Email
  • Social networks
  • Brand / Logo
  • Code of conduct

EOSIO nodes

  • Node locations
  • API and P2P endpoints
  • Validators
  • Writer nodes
  • History API nodes
  • API nodes
  • Boot nodes
  • Observer nodes

Phase II


  • Blocks lost in X time period - Involuntary
  • Missed rounds in X time period - Involuntary
  • Total number of blocks produced - Involuntary
  • Average position on the BP list - Involuntary
  • Average performance rating - Involuntary
  • Total downtime
  • Interruptions
  • Stress tests
  • Patch management
  • Disaster Recovery Capacity
  • Intrusion tests


  • Physics / Public Cloud / Shared
  • Primary site
  • Secondary site
  • Infrastructure diagram
  • DDoS protection
  • Firewalls
  • Load balancers
  • VPN
  • Future plans

Phase III

Support structure

  • Number of technical employees.
  • 24/7 support
  • Monitoring tools
  • Communication plan with other Validator nodes

Ownership structure

  • Description of the commercial structure
  • Number of employees
  • Individual interest holders
  • Shareholders of commercial entities
  • Affiliated entities
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